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Langskip is a 2-4 player bluffing game. You are a Viking who has been mistakenly sent to the realm of Helheim, usually reserved for those who died dishonourably. It becomes a race to Asgard before your fellow Vikings to convince Odin that you should be allowed entry into the glorious golden hall of Valhalla!

On your turn, you can use the power of the gods to guide you through the four realms quicker than your opponents by playing one of the two cards in your hand face down. Still, the other players must choose whether to believe that you played the card you said or accuse you of mischief and reveal the card for everyone to see. If your accusation is successful, you gain a mischief token; if you lie successfully without being accused, you gain a mischief token. Mischief tokens are used to make Loki and his children stronger, giving you an even better chance of arriving at Asgard first.

Will you be mischievous, or will you keep everyone on the worthy path and reap the benefits of their ill-deeds?


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