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Welcome to Rent, Shuffle & Roll!

about us

Who We Are​

We are Glenn and Jen - a husband and wife duo from Scotland with a passion for boardgames of all shapes and sizes.

How It Started​

We have enjoyed gaming together for many years but every year has seen out game collection grow and our storage space was starting to groan. This is a problem we know is common among fellow gamers – it is a hobby which needs increasing space! On top of that we had several games we loved but had only played a few times which seemed criminal given how much money we had invested in our collection! 

How It Works

We are a dedicated board game subscription service which means you can whet your gaming appetite and try a huge selection of games without committing to the purchase cost or the storage space for another game. Plan ahead and choose a game(s) to suit you for the month ahead and we will post it directly to your door.

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