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Fugitive is a two-player card game set in the world of Burgle Bros. One player is a fugitive trying to make it out of town while being pursued by an unstoppable agent. The fugitive plays cards face down on the table trying to work their way to a goal, while the agent must guess those cards to uncover them. If all the cards are face-up, the fugitive is caught.

1 review for Fugitive

  1. Kay Lambwell

    I can tell that Fugitive is a well-designed game. It’s just absolutely not a game for me 😂. I’m terrible at mental arithmetic and I also panic when I need to deal with numbers and thus make silly mistakes. I messed up twice as the Fugitive and gave up (I don’t just mean I lost – which I don’t care about – I mean we didn’t even get to the end game because I made too many mistakes on the way). I love the art though! 😍

    This one is for the maths fans out there!

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