Tower Block

4 Credits

Minimum players:
Maximum players:
Average play time (mins):
Minimum age recommended:

Use building blocks to build a tower as high as you can. The highest tower wins the game. Move your playing piece and answer questions correctly to add building blocks. There are two types of questions, multiple choice and “Hazard a Guess” where you will have no idea of the answer but the closest guess wins.
We have tried to make this game as environmentally friendly as possible. Being Eco friendly was important to us and because of that, everything in the game, barring the dice, is wooden or cardboard
The game is designed for adults and children and up to 4 players or teams. Whether you are into team games or want to be an individual player, it really doesn’t matter. The rules are easy to learn, ages 12 or up would be quite capable of playing this and having loads of fun.


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