Top Hats & Treachery

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Top Hats And Treachery (T.H.A.T. for short) is a tongue-in-cheek Victorian game of social climbing, wicked misadventure and ridiculously-fun story-telling! Created by Andrew Prowse and presented from Rogue Artist Creations Ltd.

YOU control a fashionable piece of real estate in Old London Town. Your goal is to rent rooms to the BEST clientele with the FINEST reputations. Each turn, you play Rumours cards to enhance your own Guests’ reputations, while whispering scandalous stories about rival hotels’ Guests to ruin their reputations and ensure that your Hotel comes out on top!

Players start the game with an Upper Class, Middle Class and Lower Class character. Over the game, they play Event Cards to raise and lower the target characters’ Reputations. Play positive cards on your own characters and negative ones on your rivals. Play Grim Reaper cards to kill off characters; whereupon they are replaced with new ones, but the players can sacrifice cards to gain a chance of getting a higher-class replacement. At the end of a (short/long) game, total all the points and modifiers: the player with the highest total has earned Queen Victoria’s favour as the finest Hotel in the land and wins! Huzzah!


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