Golden Ticket Game (The)

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Willy Wonka is opening his factory at last –but only for a lucky few! He has hidden Golden Tickets in his Wonka Bars. If you can find a Golden Ticket, then you win the big prize.

Use strategy on every move and play your Wonka Candy cards to collect as many Wonka Bars as you can to better your odds of finding a Golden Ticket! When the last Wonka Bar is picked up, everyone opens up their collection to see who’s got a Golden Ticket! This family strategy game requires planning, combo-making, and a little bit of luck.

On a player’s turn they can do two actions. The actions consist of playing cards from their hand, discarding a card to move one space, or refilling their hand back up to their draw size. When a character lands on a gameboard space, they can also use the do listed action on that space as part of their move. At the beginning of the game, a limited number of golden tickets are added to the Wonka Bars depending on the number of players. The bars are then mixed up. The whole point of the game is to try and earn as many Wonka Bars as possible throughout the game to better your chances of ending with a Golden Ticket.

When all Wonka Bars from the pool of bars are claimed the game is over. At this point all players will unwrap the bars they have earned.

Any player that ends with at least one Golden Ticket wins! Any player that does not end with a Golden Ticket loses.


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