SNAGGIT: The Speed Reaction Card Game with a Whisker of Bluff

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SNAGGIT is a speed reaction game with a whisker of bluff.

SNAG (verb) to catch, grab or seize quickly.
Can you be the quickest to snag as many cards as possible before the game ends. Cards have a unique animal picture, a movement icon (one of 5) and a habitat icon. In each turn there is a challenge. For match challenges you use the icons to snag cards that are the same as or different to habitat or movement. In call out challenges you need to be quick witted. Shout out as you snag cards with the ‘biggest’, ‘quickest’ or ‘strongest’ attributes. This is not just about size or speed but anything that is correct. So a scorpion has the strongest poison compared to a cow, horse, dragonfly and snail.

SNAGGIT is quick, easy and socially interactive for all ages.


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