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Get ready to set sail and engage in a game of cunning and strategy with Skullduggery! This ultimate pirate-themed card game will test your skills as you work to divide the plundered booty and outwit your opponents. With every move, prove yourself to be a true sea dog and master the art of piratical pilfering. Arrr!!

Your aim is to get the highest four-digit number on your secret doubloon cards at the end of the game. All cards are face down, but you’ll swap cards in and take sneak peeks as you play.

Every turn you draw a card and choose whether to discard that card for the action, or swap with one of your face-down cards and play that action instead. You could even use a skullduggery token to swap the card with one of your neighbours.

The cards will move as you play. Can you track the cards you’ve seen and discard the right one at just the right time?


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