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There are too many masked wrestlers on the ring. When the bell will toll, they will start fighting until only one will remain standing!

Sbam! is a competitive game in real-time. The game is played over several rounds and ends as soon as all the players but one are eliminated.


Each round, players will draw and play cards (in 3 colors with strength from 1 to 3) as fast as they can and fight against the players sitting on their left and on their right.
The round ends when a player plays one or more Sbam cards, but watch out for the special cards!

When the round ends, the players will check the result of each fight separately: any couple of identical cards (same color and same strength) played by a single player is discarded. Then, only the color for which the most cards have been played by both fighting players will be calculated. Each player sums up the strength of all the cards of that color. The player with the lower strength loses the fight and must take 1 Damage token.
When a player gets the 5th damage token is eliminated.

The player who, at the end of a round, remains the only one with less than 5 Damage tokens is the winner!


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