Santa vs Jesus

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Santa VS Jesus is a challenge-based party game for two teams (min 4 – max 16 players). The aim is to win believers from each other and prove once and for all who really rules Christmas.. well until the next game that is.

The game starts with dividing into two teams and choosing who will be on Team Santa and who will be on Team Jesus. At this point, team members will decide which character will represent them in the game. They can choose from the following characters: Team Santa: Santa, Mrs. Claus, Rudolph, Prancer, Vixen or one of the elves: Sugarplum, Eggnog or Candy Cane. Team Jesus: Jesus, Mary, Joseph, Angel Gabriel, Donkey or one of the three Wisemen: Myrr, Frank or Gold. Once everyone has chosen their character they have to refer to each other by these names, if they don’t and are called out by the opposing team they will lose a believer card. Each team starts with 8 Believer cards. If less than 16 players are taking part all the remaining character cards will need to stay near as they will be used for certain challenges. From this point on the game explains itself.

The teams compete in challenges to prove to their believers that they are more worthy of their adulation than the other team. If they lose a challenge their believers will lose faith and they cross over to the opposing team. There are TEAM and VERSUS challenges. The challenges involve puzzles, riddles, knowledge-based quizzes, orientation games, and many more. You never know how you’ll be challenged next.


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