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Grab your buckets and spades and build the best sandcastles on the beach.

In this light and simple but strategic game, you can add to sandcastles with bucket, crab and seagull cards. You can steal sandcastle parts from other players. And when your sandcastle is complete, you can earn bonus points as well as the points for the sandcastle you have built — but be warned that others will be aiming to grab bits of your sandcastle and trying to steal your bonuses.

Sandcastles plays 3-7 players as well as having a two-player variant and a solo game.

Sandcastles is another of YAY Games ‘2 Turns to Learn’ games.

In April 2016 ‘Sandcastles’ won the prestigious Griffie Award for Best Card Game 2016. This award is voted on by attendees at Scotland’s longest running fantasy and gaming convention. Last year YAY Games won Best Board Game for ‘Frankenstein’s Bodies’.


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