Renaissance Wars

2 Credits

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It was a time of wealth and intrigue. A turbulent time, when wars were fought over religion and territory. A time when artists, architects and writers explored the nature and potential of man and a time when horizons were broadened so far, that a whole new world was discovered!

In Renaissance Wars you play the game as a Renaissance Luminary… someone whose influence and fame has transcended his own time! Using only your unique Luminary powers, the cards in your hand and cunning strategy, you will battle up to 3 opponents to accumulate the wealth and power necessary to dominate each era of the game. But be careful… because when you least expect it, something may occur that completely upsets the balance of power and may destroy even the most carefully laid plans!

The base game contains 6 playable Luminaries – William Shakespeare, Martin Luther, Fillipo Brunelleschi, St. Ignatius of Loyola, Christopher Columbus and Francis Bacon – all of which come with their own unique Luminary Mats, cards and portaits. Up to 6 more Luminaries will be available in Special Editions. Unique Event and Intrusion cards are randomly seeded into the game during set-up, so you never know exactly what you may encounter! Featuring beautiful art and history, Renaissance Wars explores the people and events that made the Renaissance one of most interesting, creative and important historical eras.


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