Radiant Offline Battle Arena

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Radiant: Offline Battle Arena (ROBA) is the MOBA-inspired strategy card game where heroes and legends clash to claim the ultimate prize. Draft your team, challenge your friends, become a champion!

ROBA is a fast-paced tactical game for two players. It can be taught in five minutes, but offers a challenge that will test the skills of even veteran gamers to their limit. ROBA pits a colorful and diverse cast of heroes against each other using a dynamic deck-drafting mechanic that offers rewarding depth and lasting replay value.

ROBA was designed by Jack Murray, and tested by a team of over one-hundred playtesters from all around the world.

Every game of ROBA begins with the draft, where you’ll create your own deck by selecting heroes from a shared pool. You’ll alternate drafting heroes with your opponent until you’ve each assembled a team of three. Every hero brings an associated deck of ten cards – one of which will be that hero’s powerful Ultimate ability. Shuffling your heroes’ three decks together will create a play deck of thirty cards, and this – along with the three heroes themselves –is what you’ll use to play the game.

Every hero brings unique strengths to a team, and different heroes support different strategies, opening up unique paths to victory. There are many possible combinations to explore, but be wary of falling into predictable patterns! Each player also gets to ban heroes during the draft, removing them from the pool of available picks entirely. If your opponent’s strategy is transparent, you can punish them with a crafty pick. But beware! They can do the same to you.

ROBA pitches you against another player in a contest of nerve, wits, and skill. The aim of the game is to defeat the opponent’s deity, a powerful divine force that begins the game out of play, and must be forced to manifest before it can be destroyed.

To achieve this, you pit your team of three heroes against your opponent’s, each of you wielding your heroes’ unique skills and abilities. The player who does this best – utilizing their heroes to the fullest, while exploiting the weaknesses of their enemies – will emerge victorious.

The battle takes place across three lanes, each of which holds two divine conduits – one belonging to each player. When all three of your opponent’s conduits are destroyed, their deity will appear – bringing its divine might to bear upon the conflict. When a deity falls, the game ends – with victory going to the player who defeated it.


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