Pugs in Mugs

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Pugs in Mugs is a family-friendly game about collecting pugs, for 2 – 5 players, ages 6 and up.

Collect a host of adorable pooches, snatch your favourites from opponents, steal Mugs in acts of utter thievery or demand the cards you need to be victorious!

Did we say this was family friendly..?

In Pugs in Mugs, players randomly draw pugs of five different colour types, aiming to collect groups of three to exchange them for a mug. In amongst these assorted pooches lie Mischief cards, which players use to ‘Dig!’ through the discard pile for a particular card, demand that players ‘Gimme!’ a specific colour of card if they have it, or ‘Surprise!’ the players hounding you by discarding a random card in their hand!

A player who manages to get a single Mug of each colour wins the game! But be careful, if any player manages to get a single pug of each colour in their hand, they can use it to steal someone else’s mug!


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