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Themed on the real-life trials and triumphs of growing vegetables, Plotalot invites players to the rolling fields of Plot, a patch of gloriously-green land in the English countryside. Here they’ll become one of five farmers who find themselves in a bitter feud.

The fertile land is the perfect place to plant and harvest vegetables; the problem is, there isn’t enough room for everyone to make the most of it. If they’re lucky, some farmers will get the chance to dig more plots, but others will not. And if that’s not enough, there are pesky pests just waiting to be unleashed on ripe vegetables.

In this game, players must ride out attacks from opponents and fill whatever space they have with vegetables. Protect, steal, fertilise or unleash pests; do whatever you have to do in an attempt to earn the most money from the land and be victorious.

With beautifully illustrated cards, Plotalot is fun for all the family, with simple yet addictive game-play that will have the kids against the parents and even grandparents in no time.


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