Murder at the Magic Mirror Casino

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Disgraced magician and ex-convict, Charlie Young, was found dead in a dumpster behind the Magic Mirror Casino in Las Vegas, with multiple gunshot wounds to his torso. Young had upset many people in his time and most recently, he’d been on the run from the law after cheating in a game of high-stake poker. Now his time is up, but there is a killer at large.

The evidence has been collected for you, it’s your job to piece it all together and work out who it was that killed the victim.

27 PIECES OF PHYSICAL EVIDENCE – Inside the case file, you’ll find newspaper articles, CCTV images, prison record, social media profile, police reports, blueprint, phone/text records, a coroners report, a map, witness statements, and more.

SEARCH THROUGH A POLICE INBOX – In addition to the physical evidence supplied inside of the box, you’ll need to access an online police officer’s inbox to prove the suspects innocent or guilty – but it’s not easy…you’ll need to be a smart investigator to gain access!

A GREAT NIGHT IN – With approximately 2.5 hours of game play (depending on your skill level) and a difficulty rating of 3.5/5 this “whodunnit” style thriller will provide a fun night in for all who choose to participate. If you can’t crack the case without a secret clue, hints and answers are available online.


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