Monkey See, Monkey Poo

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The concept is simple: Fill the launcher with banana-scented poo! Fling poo! Collect bananas! Climb!

Start by choosing your monkey (P.U. Stink, Gassy George, Harry Dingle, or Tootsie) then spin the spinner to see how many flings you get. Lift the Monkey Flinger’s tail and load the Dough into the opening on his back. Push down on the tail until all the dough is in the Monkey’s hands. Pinch and shape poo before launching! Place one hand on the Monkey Flinger’s base to keep it steady and your other hand over the launcher. Aim at the vertical tree that is the game board and let the poop fly! After flinging a poo, collect a Banana Token for each Banana Bunch you knocked over. Continue flinging poo the number of times shown on the spinner. When a player collects 3 Banana Tokens, it’s time to trade them in and climb to the next level on the Tree! If you knock over the entire Tree, it’s a “BANANA BLOWOUT!” Collect 1 Banana Token and your turn ends. It’s now the next player’s turn. Trade in enough Bananas Tokens to climb to the top and be TOP BANANA!


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