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Blurb: “The Zombie Survival Gameshow Card Game! JACKPOT! puts you in control of one of five apocalypse hardened contestants and pits you against your friends in a beautifully violent fight to survive.”

A slick combination of survival and inventory management game-play with an exciting mix of continuously changing goals and a huge arsenal of weapons makes for fresh game-play every time.

The game is conducted in rounds based within different, randomised, game show events. These range from killing the most zombies to throwing the least weapons. Some also change certain game-play elements. Players can win money and have choice of who plays first by excelling within these different events and winning places above the other players.

Money can be used to buy revealed weapons and items from the shop stock which is restocked from a deck in the centre of the table. Players take turns to buy weapons and items. After everyone has decided to stop buying they move on to equipping items from their inventory (hand). Weapons add power to a contestant but can also be thrown at individual enemies to deal double damage. Players may also flip their chosen contestants into “BOSS mode” once per game and deal double damage with their contestant and all weapons they control. Items tend to be one use effects such as gaining health, destroying another item/weapon or sending attacking zombies towards another player. Any items and weapons equipped during an event are lost at the end of the round, so players must be tactical when deciding which items/weapons they equip during each event.

Finally, all players are attacked by zombies from the top of a randomised deck which contains normal zombies, effect zombies and boss zombies. On the first event of the game each player is attacked by two zombies. This number is increased by one during each successive event. The game ends when all players but one have been killed.

These features alongside a deep fictional flavour, a tonne of tongue-in-cheek pop culture references and a sharp, colourful, art style combine to create a unique game experience for players to get their teeth into!


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