G.R.I.M. Inc.

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You are the latest employee of the afterlife’s biggest employer G.R.I.M. INC (Grim Reaper’s Institute of Murder, Incorporated). It is your job, along with your colleagues, to come up with new and creative ways of disposing of those still living – all mortals have an expiration date after all. Your boss is, of course, the Grim Reaper – however they are far too busy to give their time to a lackey like you. You will instead report to a Line Manager who will assess the value of your pitches of demise, and recognition cards will be given to the employee who impresses them the most, maybe even bonuses!

You and your colleagues will take it in turns to become the Line Manager, a very prestigious position indeed!
From here you will pick from our fatal cards to decide which unfortunate soul will be next to depart this earth. The other employees will then pick up their implement cards, and use this to dispatch this soul in the setting revealed.

Get your elevator pitches ready and be prepared to impress against a one minute sand timer in order to become employee of the month in this exciting new deadly game! Can you come up with a murderous plot? Or be forced to think on your feet?

Could you dispose of a chicken farmer on a volcano with a whisk? Or a medium on a cruise ship with a lightbulb?
How can you exterminate a patronising life coach, at that place where he goes to forget his family, with a sweaty sock at your disposal?
The manager picks their favourite pitch and awards a card of recognition.

The game ends when an employee has received 3 cards of recognition, has become employee of the month, and has won the game!

Disappointing the line manager could leave you receiving disciplinary card. That’s gonna make life harder to get those recognition cards!

This is an exciting new opportunity and we can’t wait to share our death with all of you!

And remember, it’s good to be G.R.I.M.!


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