Frankenstein’s Bodies

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Body-building the Baron’s way in Frankenstein’s Bodies, a game in which players are surgeons competing to impress Frankenstein with the creations they make from the body parts available. Players have two laboratory benches on which to work and aim to collect body parts (cards) matched in terms of gender and serum color. The bodies that are the most complete and most matched gain bonus points, and the player with the highest total wins.

Body parts can be stolen from other players by using surgery cards, but at the risk of becoming infected. Master surgeons can be employed to prevent surgery and gain extra bonuses. Frankenstein’s Bodies is a highly interactive game of competitive surgery.

The deck is totally language independent and with only 8 types of cards in play is the first of YAY Games ‘2 Turns to Learn’ games.

In April 2015 ‘Frankenstein’s Bodies’ won the prestigious Griffie Award for Best Board Game 2015. The Griffie’s are award by Scotland’s longest running gaming and fantasy convention Conpulsion and is voted for by attendees.


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