Farplace: The Game

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Animal rescuers gather objects and actions to rescue and release animals in need. Each animal needs a different combination of cards to secure a positive rescue or release, with others unable to be released scoring negative points. Each player has slightly different rules depending on their Meeple. Vet cards throw a random element in typical of what is faced in animal rescue.

In addition, there are a range of map type score tracks your Meeple moves along, with bonus points to be picked up.

The game is asymmetrical in 2 ways – when each player rehomes their own animal type, they receive a different bonus. Also, each animal player type moves differently –

– The dog player can take a shortcut through a dog agility tunnel
– The cat player can hop between adjacent cardboard boxes at no movement cost
– The rabbit player can move diagonally between obstacles as well as orthogonally
– The pigeon player can fly directly over and land on obstacles and fly over water

There will be 2 options for the board in the base game, additional Kickstart exclusive boards, and various expansions including a Horse Player (which can gallop on some moves), additional maps and different full versions of the game to come. Be ready for a lot of twists on the theme and unexpected variants.

Game is designed by the CEO of Farplace Animal Rescue, an avid board gamer, and 100% of the profits will support animal rescue via Farplace.


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