Crime Zoom: His Last Card

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Crime Zoom is a series of investigation game for 1 or more players which plays in about an hour.

Each investigation tells a different story, but almost always begins with a crime scene.

This crime scene is spread over several cards to form a great illustration. To investigate, simply flip a card to take a closer look. An item intrigues you? Flip the card over and find out what the little piece of paper on the bedside table is.

An address? You can now take the card that corresponds to this track. Unless another element on the crime scene appeals you even more?

In Crime Zoom, you will conduct your investigation freely. Discuss among players to choose the tracks to follow. When you think you have solved the case, go to the questionnaire. Who is guilty? What is their motive? What is the murder weapon? And some follow-up questions, of course.

Make sure to identify the culprit, otherwise you will lose the game. But if you answer the questions correctly, the number of cards you do not reveal will determine your score.

The solution will answer each of the questions. The epilogue will tell the whole story or a testimony history to understand the plot that has been played.

Crime Zoom: His Last Card is the first case in the Crime Zoom series. It takes place in Brooklyn in 1980.


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