Casefile: Truth & Deception Game

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Based on the Casefile podcast, players compete to solve a mystery by gathering evidence and planting false leads to throw other investigators off the trail.

Wealthy businessman Casey Parker has been murdered! His list of enemies is long, but the list of evidence is even longer. You and a group of detectives have been put on the case to find his killer and bring them to justice! Use your evidence cards to trade secrets and throw the other investigators off track. Will you use truth or deception to crack the case? Be the first detective to correctly guess who the murderer is, what weapon they used, where the crime took place and why – and win! With 44 cards, there are near infinite possibilities so you can solve a different crime again and again. Turn Casey Parker’s misfortune into your next game night.

Includes 1 Casefile Gameboard, 4 Case Trackers, 4 Dry-Erase Markers, 44 Cards, 1 Deception Die, 1 Confidential Folder, and Complete Instructions


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