Battle for the Island

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Set on a golden island you must try to outsmart your opponent in a strategic battle that starts right from the very beginning

The island is set on a 12 x 12 playing field. Each player starts the game with one carrier pad and ten tiles which consist of three different characters. The tiles are also reversible, on one side you have your combat unit and the other side is a number that represents that characters firing range. You can choose either side of the tile to play your battle. Plus there’s ten communal obstacle block tiles.

Game play
All characters move around the island in the same manner by the roll of a dice which is numbered 0-5. The number rolled on the dice will determine the amount of moves a character can advance to. You will have the option to move your character forward in a straight line, and the option to change direction to the left or right on each move. To remove your opponents characters from the island, your character has to be facing forward towards your intended target in a direct line, and the shot has to be an exact hit matching your characters fire range. An exciting part of the game is the fact that your carrier pad, not only carries your reinforcements but it can also, move along the edge of the island. Now your characters will be able to be launched onto the island from a different position.

The action starts as soon as you start setting up for the battle ahead.
First take turns in placing one obstacle block at a time onto the island until all ten tiles are on the island, during the battle these can be used for defence or can be activated for attack. Carry on taking turns until you have placed any five of your ten characters onto the island, at this stage you will be keeping a close eye on what your opponent is up to. Your remaining five characters will be placed onto your carrier pad of which is located just off the edge of the island, this is where your reinforcements are located during the battle.

After the setup play will now continue by the roll of the dice.
This is where the action gets real on your turn you will have the option to remove any intended target, providing a direct hit has been established. This action can be done before you move your character and after and as many times as you wish. All movement is determined by the roll of the dice, after which many options will be available to you; move to attack, elude attack, blocking your enemy from movement, activating obstacle blocks, risk taking, launching reinforcements and moving your carrier pad. On your turn you must all ways make your play using the entire number shown on the dice. Failure to do this will result in you losing a character so play well and try not to get yourself trapped. When your happy with all your actions played, you will now pass play over to your opponent who in turn will play their turn.

Carry on taking turns until a player wins by removing all ten of his opponent’s characters to become the new ruler.


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