All-Star Draft

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“Don’t get cold feet! Prove yourself as manager by drafting the best players and sending them to this year’s All-Star Cup. Keep in mind that a well-coordinated team will attract more fans! Once you made your way through the regular season, the playoffs await. You’re skating on thin ice now, because those who lose are eliminated right away!”

All-Star Draft is a card drafting game in which 2-6 players participate in an ice hockey tournament as a team’s manager. You choose coaches with unique bilities, play in the regular season, and ultimately in the playoffs. You draft hockey players, form new teams, and send them to different arenas. In the playoffs, the suspense becomes unbearable because each round will be played in a knockout system until only one team remains – the playoff winner. Whoever has the most fans at the end wins the tournament and the prestigious All-Star Cup.


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