May’s mystery chronicle

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The Vault Opens,  New Games added, Exclusive Interview with Unlock Creator and Mystery in Need of Solving

A word from the editor:

“Greetings esteemed sleuths and mystery chasers! Welcome to the first edition of ‘The Mystery Chronicle’ – your monthly e-gazette including some mysteries to solve, news about the latest mystery, detective, escape and crime board games, highlights from our library, exclusive interviews with creators of beloved series and much more. Grab your magnifying glass and prints set and let’s go!”

New and Added to the Site

This month we’ve locked away a selection of new games in the Vault – here’s a quick overview:

Unlock! Extraordinary Adventures: A captivating card-based escape game with thrilling adventures and intriguing puzzles to solve.

Turing Machine: Logic-based puzzle game that challenges players to decode secrets using the Turing machine concept.

Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective: Bureau of Investigation: Step into Holmes’ shoes, solving complex cases with deduction and keen observation in Victorian London.

Deckscape: Tokyo Blackout: A pocket escape room game set in Tokyo; solve puzzles to fix a mysterious blackout.

Time Stories: Under the Mask Expansion: An expansion adding ancient Egyptian mysteries to solve through time travel and strategic decision-making.

Detective: L.A. Crimes: Navigate the gritty underbelly of 1980s L.A. in this story-driven detective game of crime-solving.

Interview with Cyril Demaegd, creator of Unlock!

Click here for Cyril’s full interview

Our reviews of games in the library

Our reporters in the field this month have reviewed 4 games from the Vault and posted them to our socials – you can see the links to these below:
Cantaloop – a hilarious text based adventure that changes the pages as you play – here,

Ghost in the Attic – from Mystery Agency one of the highest quality escape rooms in a box you’ll come across – here,

Decktective You Can’t Cheat Death – a card based mystery with a great story – here,

Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective, Jack the Ripper – a deeply immersive dive into Victorian London complete with maps and papers – here,


The Police are baffled by this case and have sought input from the public. In order to help they have left clues in Rent, Shuffle and Roll’s Mystery Monday social media posts between 18/12/23 and 08/01/24.

In the gaslit shadows of Victorian London, a baffling mystery unfolds with the disappearance of Eliza Montgomery, a celebrated blonde-haired pianist renowned for her captivating performances. Residing at 83 Great Portland Street, Eliza’s abode is now shrouded in mystery, marked only by a cryptic note proclaiming, ‘I’ve moved 5 doors down.’ This enigmatic message, coupled with the fact that her roommate returned at 2 AM to find her absent, suggests she vanished sometime between 11 PM and 2 AM. The city whispers with theories, but her true whereabouts remain a riddle wrapped in the night’s embrace. You’ll need to let us know who took her, when and where she is for the reward!

A final word

Until our next Mystery Chronicle

The shadows are beginning to lengthen and so it’s time to say goodbye for this month’s newsletter – we hope you’ve enjoyed your read and we’ll be back with mysteries, news and more next month.

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Stay curious and may your adventures be thrilling!

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